Bikefy was initially developed during the Capstone seminar in Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability Masters Programme during the spring of 2017.

The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) together with the City of Vantaa asked three students–Manuel Arias, Nicolas Dolce and Norbert Schmidt–to develop ideas for creating “Low Carbon Station Areas”.
During this process the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) got involved as well, when it became clear, that the focus would be on the transport chain.
As a result, the idea of combining public transport with electric folding bikes to address the last mile problem of public transport was born.

After the seminar ended in April 2017, Norbert Schmidt has been developing the idea further in cooperation with HSY, HSL and the City of Vantaa.

He is being joined by Daniel Luther and Emma Berg and together with Taittopyörä Asiantuntija the three are currently working on launching the service in the Helsinki metropolitan area during Spring/Summer 2018.